"The Champagne of Cider"

Mission-Trail Champagne Style Cider is a heirloom cuvee from 29 apple varietals, fermented twice before undergoing a charmat carbonation process. Mission-Trail is the first cider in California to use this process for natural carbonation. This process gives our cider the ultra-small and seamlessly never ending bubbles. It is a process that produces natural carbon dioxide as a byproduct of yeast consuming sugar (alcohol is also a byproduct).

Our goal was to create a cider that did not yet exist: dry, light, refreshing, great apple taste, powerful nose, and bubbly! We believe we achieved our goals and created a world class cider. While it is not too sweet, it is full bodied; the carbonation, while refreshing, does not distract from the enjoyment of our apple "feel", and experiencing what cider "done right" tastes like.

Produced only once a year in a small batch at our cidery along El Camino Real. At Mission-Trail we never add water, use concentrate or artificial ingredients, nor take shortcuts in our production.

"Crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweetness; perfectly balanced by the naturally occurring tannins and malic acid of the unique apple varietals. A champagne alternative, a cider alternative, we love it for any occasion. The naturally carbonated tiny bubbles will last long after the pour, giving you an effervescent, smooth, textured mouth-feel from your first sip to your last! A Champagne Cider."

9% alcohol by volume, 750mL