"What is more mortifying than to feel you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree" - Logan Pearsall Smith

You have found the one and only Mission-Trail Plum Jerkum: the first and only California 100% Plum Jerkum. This cider is derived from California's premier red-flesh plum orchards. We use a proprietary blend of 14 different varietals of red-flesh plums to create this truly unique cider. The fermentation and cider making process with plums is extremely complex and rife with a unique set of challenges.

At Mission-Trail we always use farmer's market quality fruit direct from the orchard. We then hand wash, hand sort, and cold-press the fruit. Being a stone fruit, great care is taken to ensure no plum pits are broken during the pressing of the fruit. This creates a lower juice yield, but a significantly higher quality juice without the woody-funk contamination of broken pits.

Without a forceful press, most fruits would lose much of the character locked into the skin, however, we have developed a proprietary method that allows the true flavor of the plum to be extracted from the skin without the need of a heavy press.

The red-flesh plums press into a beautiful fuchsia colored juice which we carefully preserved throughout the cider making process. The color, the aroma, the flavor and mouth feel on this cider is one-of-a-kind.

The astringent, tart profile of this cider is immediately noticeable on the first sip, and the low residual sugar creates a fleshy finish you won't find in another cider.

Impeccable tart/sweetness balance, perfect carbonation, and a beautiful color define our 100% pure plum jerkum. We do not blend this with apple cider, we never use concentrate, water, coloring agents, or artificial ingredients.

6.5% alcohol by volume, 100% undiluted premium red-flesh varietal plums, 500mL, and draft