"If I am not I, who will be" - Henry David Thoreau

RON TROPICO! : Winner of the 2017 San Francisco Fruit Cider Challenge! A rum barrel aged heirloom apple, loaded with fresh guava, pineapple, dates, and blood orange. An unfiltered ode to a tropical cocktail. Precise and exact blend of fresh fruit ensures this cider will amaze you with every sip! 9.2% ABV, very rare, kegs only!

2016 PLUOT LE CRU: A 100% Pluot Wine. This late harvest 2016 pluot wine is 13.6% ABV. Late season Dapple Fire pluots, notes of coconut, cherry, gummy fruit with a tart finish, 127 cases produced, this is not to be missed!

2015 GRANADA DE BOURBON: 100% Pomegranate fermented and aged in a bourbon barrel, 2015 late harvest, shale rock grown, unfiltered and unfined, 11%, tasting notes: tannic, berries, vanilla, and dry (not yet released).

STRAWPERRY: Winner of the 2016 San Francisco Cider Summit Fruit Cider Challenge! Perry, strawberry, fresh lime and grapefruit juice, hibiscus, and agave nectar, aged in tequilla barrels. Non-vintage.

2014 LOCKWOOD RESERVE: A classic blend of crabapples and heirlooms, this cider is dry and crisp. Applejack fortified and aged on brandy barrels for about a month. Low acidity, and fruity notes highlight this instant classic (SOLD OUT)

2015 HIPPOLYTE CUTRER PERRY: Barrel fermented and aged in neutral french oak, and bottle conditioned. 100% California Perry, dry, 93 cases produced.

2015 HIPPOLYTE CUTRER PLUOT JERKUM: 100% California Pluot Jerkum- the first and only! This 2015 vintage was fermented in French Oak and racked to a first-run Heaven Hill Bourbon barrel where it was aged for a year. Unfiltered and dry. Subtle bourbon notes, tart, fruity, with an unmistakable oak finish. The time spent in barrels lend to this jerkum’s incredible intensity and body. Less than 50 cases produced (SOLD OUT)

We are hard at work on some limited release ciders. Check back soon for more information on these special ciders and how to get a hold of a bottle or two!